I enjoy working with wood and other materials, creating original works of  "Art" and selling them to whoever happens to want them more than I do.

See more of my works at "TheGallery@1595BowenRd. "

Business Development

Are you in business and want to grow your business. Hey, Me too.

I enjoy working on business development. Looking at website building, enhancing reputation, gaining a following, marketing, advertising. this and more.

Wanna talk about your business? Just give me a call. If you prefer I have done some writing as I have been learning. Check it out here It's called "The solo Journey to Entrepreneurship" 

Brad Camp

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Coffee with myself Bradley D. Camp follow here. 

Welcome to Bradley D. Camp (.com)

This site is designed to be a sample WordPress site,  where you can start to envision a website for yourself.

Take some time to look around the site, check out the overall feel and obvious simplicity of the site. It’s designed to be a one-page website with some interesting graphics.

The site is designed to grab your attention and hopefully, keep you interested for more than about five seconds. Once your attention has been grabbed I’m wanting to lead you down a path to a possible sale. This site, in particular, I’m trying to get you to purchase a website and maybe even a plan to help you develop your business.


Having a website is great! Yet, that is just the beginning. In order to get yourself or your business set up properly to conquer the world, you are going to have to become proficient and knowledgeable with many of the social media platforms that are currently being used to help market people and their business. Think Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and many others and how to get them incorporated into your website. It’s a big job and somebody has to do it.

If you are a solo-preneur, working alone into the wee hours of the night and want to look more established then you might be someone we can help with that as well. All you have to do is ask.

Bradley D Camp

Next Steps...

If you are looking for a Painter on Vancouver Island, An Artist with work for sale or A Business owner who is willing to help you develop your business. Just give me a call.