Business under Development

I enjoy building and developing Shopify stores and then matching people to the businesses and help them to learn the platform.

Once they have learned the platform and have a passion for the product, I help the new owner add their personal personality to the store.

Below are some of the stores that are under development and I'm looking for someone to take the reigns and run with it.

Could this be you? Stuck at home, looking for a way to make money, always wanted an online business but never knew how to get started.

The easiest way to get started is to shoot me an email or a text.

Brad Camp


This is an online store where the focus of the store is mostly to help motivate and encourage Entrepreneurs on their journey to a successful business. The premise is to have a coffee shop that opens at 4am, when only seriously driven people get up to start their day.

4AM.ROCKS on Facebook


It all starts with the bean, The freshest coffee starts with a freshly roasted green coffee bean. At ADDDictive we are all about providing the green bean and the education to roast it to perfection.



This is an online store where the focus of the store is mostly home renovation and fixing homes to flip them.

Check out the site here

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The Gallery @ 1595 Bowen Road

Check out the site here

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Tortoise Tonneau

Tortoise Tonneau is a toolbox/ tonneau cover combination designed for tradespeople with pick-up trucks who want to keep their tools safe and out of sight while in the box of their truck.

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